This page is a repository documenting my process of learning ChiaLisp, and storing links to other chia and chialisp community pages. I have also been learning emacs in parallel to chialisp, so sometimes I might post about this, and how my chialisp workflow evolves with it. I have found using org-mode an extremely useful way to start programming with chialisp, and everything I write here is generated from org files. The content is all written as I am learning, so it will contain plenty of mistakes but all the code blocks will run at least. Please feel free to contact me on keybase, @mathsboy

Chialisp Experiments

Basics of Singletons
a working simulator example of launching a singleton
BLS Signatures
ongoing notes going from theoretical basis of BLS through to implementing and using sigs in real coins. This is very incomplete and innaccurate.
Puzzlehashes and currying
a series of basic experiments with calculating puzzlehashes of curried inner puzzles
a chialisp puzzle for a blockchain game

Useful Links

Example Projects

Workflows, Simulator, Testnet

Author: Geoff Walmsley

Created: 2021-11-03 Wed 20:19