Chialisp Mode

I think I'm the only person that writes chialisp in emacs, and this is how I get basic code highlighting. It's far from perfect, but it suits my purposes for now. I've recently updated it to include new condition codes, and fix a few things like "list" being highlighted even when it's part of a variable name like "my_list". The main limitation now is that commented code is still highlighted, and indentation can be a bit (very) wonky.

(defvar chialisp-functions
  '("+" "-" "*" "/" "divmod" "=" ">" ">s" "not" "all" "any" "if" "i" "x" "qq" "unquote" "q" "a" "@" "f" "r" "c" "l" "sha256" "sha256tree" "concat" "strlen" "substr" "logand" "logior" "logxor" "lognot" "ash"  "lsh" "point_add" "pubkey_for_exp" "softfork" "list"))
(defvar chialisp-builtins '("mod" "defun" "defun-inline" "defmacro" "defconstant" "include" "lambda" "defconst" "defmac"))

(defvar chialisp-font-lock-keywords
  (let ((keywords-regexp (concat "(\\(" (mapconcat 'identity chialisp-functions "\\|") "\\)\\>")))
    `((,keywords-regexp 1 'font-lock-function-name-face t)
      (,(regexp-opt chialisp-builtins 'words) . font-lock-builtin-face)
      (,(regexp-opt chialisp-conditions 'words) . font-lock-variable-name-face)

(define-derived-mode chialisp-mode emacs-lisp-mode "Chialisp"
  "Major mode for editing chialisp files."
  (setq-local font-lock-defaults '(chialisp-font-lock-keywords)))

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\(?:cl\\(?:ib\\|sp\\|vm\\)\\)" . chialisp-mode))

(provide 'chialisp-mode)

This produces code that looks something like this:

(if my_id
  (c (list ASSERT_MY_PUZZLEHASH (wrap_in_cat_layer CAT_MOD_HASH CAT_TAIL_HASH my_inner_puzhash))
      (list ASSERT_MY_AMOUNT my_amount)